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Is your Christmas Shopping Done?

June 22nd, 2007 at 07:59 pm

July 1st is just around the corner and I generally have half , if not more, of my Christmas shopping done. I need to get in gear and quick. Is your holiday shopping going well?

Winter items go on sale in January. Huge savings can be found in March. Plus, you are just wasteful, if you don't do the 50 or 75 percent off sales after Christmas.

We have a large family, plus organization gifts, teachers, service people, etc. to buy for each year. I am always looking for gifts. Not just holiday gifts. We have a gift closet in our home. It is filled with children's games, dolls, gift baskets, crystal, frames, etc.. When someone is invited to a birthday party, shower, wedding, house warming, or event we look in the closet first. Most of the time, a great gift is already waiting.

I buy items all year round. I carry a list of people and events with me in my day planner. I am always writing in ideas for a perfect gift. When we have family functions, I always write down any items that people off handedly say they wish they had. During our June Birthday party , my grandma mentioned at dinner that she hadn't been feeding the birds as much this year. Bird feed was getting so expensive. 100 pounds of feed will thrill her at Christmas. My brother was complaining that the airport handlers had ruined yet another piece of luggage on his recent trip. So, I will be getting him new luggage. Keeping your ears open, can lead to great gift ideas.

My mother just keeps a list of things she wants on her desk top. My dad is not a great shopper. This way she gets what she needs and wants. When I vist my parents , I look at her list. Always making sure to tell my dad, not to get the item I am getting.

When I am at a store, I always check the clearance aisle before I leave. My mother-in-law is a scrapbook and craft queen. So I pick up clearance items for her all the time. They only may cost 10 or 25 cents. When you put a hundred of those items in a new box, it looks really impressive.

I have not done as well this year as years past. I am not even half way done. But, I am going to try to make a better effort in the next month. Plus I am going to be all ears at the July 4th party for ideas.

We do not buy things on credit cards and we rarely buy last minutes gifts. So we do not have debt after Christmas. Plus, I can devote more time to the kids, charities, and fun during the holidays. I am not running around trying to find gifts for everyone, so I am more relaxed.

Our immediate family members do not buy gifts for each other. We make things, or give of our time. The kids learn to be creative and it gets my hubby out of buying a gift that I will have to return. Smile

Is your holiday shopping going well? I would love to hear your great ideaas.

6 Responses to “Is your Christmas Shopping Done?”

  1. nance Says:

    I shop the same way! I have lots of toys purchased at 50 to 80 per cent off, stashed in the basement, and have started shopping for the adults too. The only change I am making this year, is that we are going to purchase restaurant gift cards for the out of state relatives. The shipping was terribly expensive when we sent gifts last year. Any suggestions on getting a good deal on gift cards?

  2. monkeymama Says:

    No, but funny, just thinking it was time to start. I generally shop September - November or something - not much - not much to shop for, but spread it out to avoid a big last minute headache and christmas bill...

  3. Ima saver Says:

    I have no family and we don't need anything anymore, so our christmas shopping is really not much.

  4. momandmurray Says:

    Nance, I don't know if you can do what I do here. In reference to gift cards. I have a great deal worked out with Applebees, Ruby Tuesday's, and Olive Garden. I trade my services for gift cards. I cater their employee hoilday parties for them. Since the employees don't want food from their restaurants, and most restaurants won't pay for a nice party somewhere else. The parties are nothing fancy and easy to decorate. Since the tables and table clothes are already there, I make table decorations out of small Christmas trees I get on clearance for 50 cants. I decorate them with garage sale ornaments. Each tree holds one strand of lights, also bought on clearance for 70 cents. Total is about 2.50 a tree. The employees get to take the trees home with them. Food is generally desserts. Decorated cookies, cakes, pies, cobblers, stuffed oranges, chocolate strawberries, etc. I furnish the paper plates and napkins, so know one has to wash dishes. Each employee gets to take home a nice selection of desserts when the party is over. The managers of the restaurants pay me anywhere from 500 to 1000 in gift cards as payment. It is a win, win! They don't have to ask corporate for money for a Christmas party, gift cards are much cheaper for them to give than cash, and I don't have to declare any income for the parties. Total cost to me is about 100 to 200 bucks, and my time.

    I use some of the cards as gifts, but mostly I then trade the gift cards with other people for stuff we like to do. The manager of the movie house here, gives me 12 tickets for every 50 gift card. The barber cuts all three of the boys hair for a 25 gift card. I trade a 50 dollar gift card with a hotel manager here, when my hubby and I need a night away from the kids.

    Maybe you trade another service? Lawn care, plants, floor cleaning, etc.... Hope the suggestions help! LAst year I did three parties and got 2500 in gift cards. It cost me about 400 in cash for supplies and food.

    I also get gift cards from all the surveys I take online. Harris poll is great!

  5. nance Says:

    Wow! I am so impressed with how industrious you are!
    Great ideas!

  6. tklahn Says:

    TOTALLY Impressive!

    This year we're cutting way back on Christmas giving, out of necessity. Giving lots of gift cards, esp for long distance people.

    Great ideas!

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