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Free samples Filled Our Mailbox

June 18th, 2007 at 05:26 am

The nicest part of coming home from vacation was a clean house. The second was the mound of mail we had received while we were gone. Our seventeen year old daughter's best bud fed the dog and fish while we were gone. She also brought in the mail. She was in awe of all the free stuff we had received. She counted 58 packages in the 8 days we were gone. We received free cd's, medicine, food, coloring books, stickers, key chains, jewelry, educational videos, books, tools, lawn care items, paint, and more. I also opened up seven envelopes with coupons for free items such as cat food, creamer, medicine, and etc.

I sign up for every free sample I find. If we can't use it, we pass it on to someone whom can. I have found some great new products that our family uses after trying the free sample.

Last year, I sent three of our god children off to college with wonderful gift baskets full of free sample items. They were perfect size for dorm life and they don't have to spend their money on medicine, personal hygiene products, and single serve food items.

My personal favorite sites for free samples are: afreebieempire, walmart, and startsampling.

We also send care packages to soldiers overseas. The free samples are great for that as well. Just remember to add tons of hard candies as well, so you can be their heros!!

You can sign up at many free samples sites and get a daily newsletter. When you are waiting for something to download, on hold on the phone, or just your normal computer habit, click a few times on the free sites and watch your mail box fill up with free items and not bills.

4 Responses to “Free samples Filled Our Mailbox”

  1. koppur Says:

    I ove your idea of using the free samples to send care packages to soldiers overseas. Where do you get the addresses from? I'd love to do it myself.

  2. momandmurray Says:

    I go through a great organization that allows you to help any branch on the service. You can read and contact them at:www. We support 7 soldiers, plus also collect for my husbands old unit. Half of his unit is still in Iraq. Happy to report, my hubby is no longer active as a Marine since December 13th, 2005!!

    Hard candies and fun stuff are great ideas to send in care packages. We try to theme ours. Beach stuff, sports stuff, personal care stuff, game themes, etc.

    Thank you for supporting our troops.

  3. Iris Says:

    Kopper, you asked where you could get the name of a soldier to send a care package to. Go to: and they can help you from there. Smile My Best, Iris

  4. cathy gilbert Says:

    i want more on samples ive been layed off for almost 2yrs im open to all thank you

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