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Another Cheap Awesome Vacation!!

June 17th, 2007 at 09:41 pm

We are home after a week in the sun! I took our laptop to stay in touch with my email and hubby's stocks, but didn't use it once. We just didn't have any desire to miss a moment with the kids and great friends. Loaded and ready to go by 10 p.m. Friday night, June 8th, our caravan of five cars hit the road. Two of the vehicles held eight of our family. ( The oldest had a dance competition and work issues, so didn't join us.) One vehicle held our great friends ( research doctors and two sons, ages 24 and 19 ). The other two vehicles held my best friend's family. One was the truck to hold all the fishing pools, coolers, chairs, and boogie boards. My god son drove the truck with my god daughters boyfriend. We stopped to get gas at the end of the hills in Arkansas. Stopped in Jackson, Mississippi for Waffle House tradition breakfast. Hit Mobile at noon. Stopped and loaded up on food and drinks at Wal-Mart. Playing on the beach and unloaded at the house in Dauphin Island by 1:30.
Saturday was spent making menus for the week, swimming in the ocean, and walking in the glorious sand. Seventeen of us dined on lasagana, fresh salad from doctors garden from home, garlic bread with cheese, fresh fruit, and dessert was cake for our daughters 17th birthday. The group also downed 5 bottles of wine. ( Our family doesn't drink wine.)
Sunday was a day of celebration with my god daughter getting engaged on the beach. He did great. Very romantic and she loved the 2 carat diamond. The day was spend talking about kids schooling and watching the kids swim. ( We have 7 in college as a group ). Texas Caviar with chips and sandwiches after a huge breakfast of biscuits and gravy, sausage, and scrambed eggs. Dinner was greek grilled chicken, angel hair with homemade pesto, huge salad, cheese biscuits, and dessert was another birthday cake with our daughter turning 19. Monday was spent with 10 of the group deep sea fishing. They had a blast. They caught their limit and then caught the other 30 people on the ships limit for them. You can only get 2 red snappers each. They also brought back groupper, sea trout, and one even caught a small shark.
Since this entry is getting way too long, I will simply telling you that we spent the week swimming, sunbathing, reading, talking, playing cards, games, watching a chick flick, star gazing, walking along the beach, fishing, cooking, and great political talks. We ate snapper, hamburgers, eggplant parmesania, fresh corn on the cob, jumbalaya, fritters, hush puppies, cheese toast, cauiflower with mustard dressing, peach cobbler, watermelon, cherries flambay, shrimp scampi, green beans almadine, pancakes that were skillet size, cheesecake, toad in the holes, sweet cornbread, steamed rice, lemon pepper fish , etc.

Our cost for a week of sun and surf...

house rental 1000.00
gas car one 127.00
gas car two 168.00
food for week 305.00
waffle house 41.00
snack on way home 14.00

total for our eight 1655.00 equals a mere
207 a person.

best friends family of five equals

house rental 1000.00
gas car 121.00
gas truck 210.00
food for week 305.00
fishing for 5 600.00
alcohol 430.00
waffle house 36.00
all you can eat crab on way home 120.00
hooters on way home 78.00
shopping at mall 507.00

cost 2927.00 equals 585 per person

We all had a great time. I will post pictures when I figure out how to, from our digital camera. I am not the greatest techno person.

Dauphin Island is a great family place and a cheap way to make all the members of your family happy. Our house rental is so expensive because we rent the largest house on the island. You can find houses for much cheaper.

Next vacation is in a few weeks. We are headed off to the lake and family time with my hubby's family.

Remember, its not where you go or how much you spend, but the quality time that you spend with the ones that you love. You talk more, laugh more, and share more when you are on vacation. Plus, the biggest medical problems today are caused by stress. Vacations reduce stress. It is a winwin. How can you not afford to vacation?

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  1. Jo Says:

    Dauphin Island is the coolest! I spent a summer there in college, studying marine biology. It was one of the best summers of my life! It's nice to meet someone else who thinks it's great, too!

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