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Second and Final day of Garage Sale

June 16th, 2007 at 07:34 pm

So, day two of the garage sale didn't go as we had hoped. We started at 8 and the first two hours were awesome. We made 247.50. Then the wind came. The weather man said it hit 40 m.p.h.. We had stuff blowing everywhere. Then the dark clouds started to move in. We ended up calling it a day around 11:30. It was not suppose to rain, but it looked very stormy. We decided to pack it all up and put it back in the garage. Generally, we just cover with tarps for the evening. It took us till 3 to get it all boxed up and put away. We ended up with only 253.50 for the day. It started raining around 9 p.m.. Since we were leaving to go to the beach the next evening, we decided to call an end to our sale. We ended up making a little over 700 dollars. It was our worse sale ever. My hubby has decided that I can just list stuff on ebay now. He hates clutter. He has given me till the end of August to get rid of all the stuff. He had no idea we ( me ) had so much stuff in the attic. So,....looks like I am going to be spending my mornings listing on ebay, then off to swim and play in the afternoons with the kids this summer. I am so looking forward to the fun!

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