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Another Garage Sale! Our neighbors must hate us!!

June 6th, 2007 at 04:12 am

We spent the day getting ready for another garage sale. We had one three weeks ago and made over 1200.

After the garage sale in May, my hubby decided to clean out the attic on the last day of the sale. What started out as a project to get all my old business documents from the attic out, turned into a two day project. It has been seven years since I sold my Domino's Pizza franchise and I can finally pitch all the paperwork.

Our attic is divided into 4 main areas. Paperwork from businesses, Christmas and holiday stuff, keepsakes, and crap I am just throwing up there to get it out of the way.

Okay, so the crap area has been added to for 12 years and it was time to sort and go through.

Our garage sale in May was stuff from the house that the kids have outgrown, don't play with, gifts that didn't get used, etc.

This sale is stuff from the attic and stuff from the first sale that didn't sell. Our three lane driveway is full.
We have furniture, clothes, tons of baby stuff ( strollers, beds, walkers, swings ), 57 pairs of shoes, books, etc.

Our cranky neighbor worked in his yard most of the evening. Glaring, but never saying a word. The last sale we had, he yelled out anyone that stepped on his lawn. Yes, I realize people shouldn't walk in his yard, but we live in a nice area on a dead end street. Only seven houses on the street and people park all over the place for the sale. Some people get out of their cars towards the curb and they walk on his lawn.

He has not one, but two lawn services and is always working on his yard. We don't have any service and our looks just as nice. However, we generally have a big wheels, bike, scooter, skateboard ramp, dune buggy, or something left out in our yard. It kills him to see it. My hubby makes sure nothing is left in the yard before bedtime, but kids are kids.

I am excited about the sale. We are having it wednesday, thursday, and friday. We leave for the beach friday night at 10:30. ( We drive at night, so the kids sleep most of the 12 hour drive.)

The garage sale money is going towards the house rental, gas, and food on the beach. Seven days of sun and surf, and I am ready. Made 13 garage sale signs today to go with the other 10 I have. Advertising really helps in any kind of business. My business is the garage sale business for next three days.

I will post and tell you how much we make this time. I have stuff from a dime to 50 dollars. Plus we have the free pile as well. ( Magazines, cords, parts,and etc)
Our stuffed animal area is for children that are good for their parents at the sale. If they are good and don't ask for anything. We let them pick out any stuffed animal to take home free. It works out great. They sit and play with the huge pile the entire time their parents are "shopping". We have people that come to our sale all three days and bring friends. They love that their kids get something free and they always buy stuff too.

4 Responses to “Another Garage Sale! Our neighbors must hate us!!”

  1. campfrugal Says:

    Gosh, I am so jealous. I love garage sales. Your family sounds interesting with seven children. I have kids around the same age. Going to the beach is always one of my favorite things to do. Well, actually, I work at a beach/country club. I hope your vacation is fun. Please let us know about it.

  2. Fern Says:

    Reminds me of a similarly cranky next-door neighbor when i was growing up, a "Mr. Frontino." He was a mean old man and always glaring at us 10-year-olds to make sure we didn't touch his lawn.

    Our property lines were very close, and once the garbage man spilled a bunch of our garbage into his yard and Mr. Frontino cornered me and accused me of doing it. Boy was he nasty.

  3. katwoman Says:

    Sorry, I'm with the neighbor on this one. If you already had a sale last month and you're having a 3 day sale this month and you know your neighbor doesn't appreciate all these strangers walking all over his highly tended lawn AND you obviously don't care.....well, glad you're not my neighbor.

    A real neighbor would at least give the others a heads up as to what you have in mind for those 3 days. You know, just in case they have a life or something, seeing as you live on a dead end street and it's really nice so that their possible guests won't have to park blocks away to make room for YOUR buyers. Sheesh, lady! I've been reading your blog and it really is all about you and yours isn't it? My god.

  4. momandmurray Says:


    Let me explain a tad more for you. Our housing division allows 12 days for each home to have a sale each year. This will be my 4,5,and 6th day. All sales/auctions/parties must go through the board and comes out in the newsletter. If anyone objects, then permission is not granted.

    Our "neighbor" does not have visitors. No family, friends, business associates, etc. coming and going. The only people at his home are the lawn services and cleaning lady once a week.

    We have two street parties, and two subdivision parties each year. He has not been to one in all the years he has lived there. At Christmas, all the neighbors make cookies, breads, crafts,ornaments, etc. and give to each other. He has never participated. I can't even remember a thank you from him. Yet, when he does go out of town, he ask us to pick up his papers, collect his mail, and take any packages delivered on his property to our home. Never a thank you. Just collects his things and goes.

    Our children do not ring his doorbell when selling girl scout cookies, buy scout popcorn, school fund raisers, etc. He is just one of those neighbors that doesn't have a big social life and obviously doesn't want to be a part of the neighborhood.

    All the other neighbors came over and chatted today. He was not home. Which meant no one got yelled at.

    As far, as my blogs being all about me and mine.....isn't that why it is called "my Blog"?

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