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Top 10 reasons why sex is financially rewarding

May 24th, 2007 at 06:18 am

10. Good sex keeps you healthy. It is the best exercise in the world. Saving you money on medical cost and gym fees.

9. Good sex keeps you from spending money as easily. You want to keep your clothes off. Face it, it is much harder to spend money naked than fully clothed.

8. Good sex makes you want to spend TIME, not money on the one that you want.

7. Good sex makes you crave your partner and not starbucks. You will save a fortune on not splurging on little things that make you happy for a brief moment. The knowledge that your cravings will be filled for hours at home will stop you from spending on little expenses through out the day.

6. Good sex makes you eat less. You will save thousands a year on lower food comsumption bills.

5. Good sex makes you want to plan for your future. It is so much easier to plan for a great future when you know what one aspect of your life will be.

4. Good sex is a great way to cut down on entertainemnt expenses. Do you really need the dinner, movie, and the perfect outfit?

3. Good sex is a vacation everytime. Do you really need to spend thousands seeing Mickey Mouse in his little red button shorts? Or would you rather see your mate without any pants on at all?

2. Great sex saves you hundreds on utility bills. You create your own heat in the winter and ice cubes are now much more exciting in the summer.

Tie for the number ONE reason...depending on if you are career minded or family minded.....

1. Great sex puts you in a different frame of mind. Your co-workers wonder if you have successfully gained a new promotion or if you know something that they donít know. It will drive them nuts, putting you in a position to out perform them. They will spend their time worrying, why you have the confidence to get the job done.


1. Just the thought of you having sex will make your children run and hide. They can't ask you for money if they are hiding from you.

67 Responses to “Top 10 reasons why sex is financially rewarding”

  1. shiela Says:

    hahaha! Great list.

  2. Broken Arrow Says:

    Oooh, I like this one! Looks like a winner!

  3. Fern Says:

    Great sex can be VERY financially unrewarding if it results in children. Smile

  4. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    Folks!!! Notice this woman has 7 (yes count them SEVEN) children!!! Hee hee, actually this is a FABULOUS second entry to a new blog


  5. LuckyRobin Says:

    I like the one about the children hiding at the thought of it so they can't ask you for money. I don't know about the eat less part though. Really good sex can make you ravenous!

  6. mariejensen2007 Says:

    I think you should win the top ten contest! Can I ask your advice? How do you still have good sex after 7 kids????? Smile

  7. john Says:

    Sounds like you have had too much practice with your 7 kids. How about stopping so that we don't have to support your lazy ass.

  8. momandmurray Says:


    My lazy ass........worked three jobs in high school. College was mostly scholarships, but I remained working two and sometimes three jobs to save $60,000 to start my first business at age 23. As a Domino's Pizza Franchisee, I operated one of the company's best stores earning 54 natinal awards over the next 13 years. Paying cash for each and every expense. I employed over 700 people at three different Domino's Pizza locations over the years. Sold the business in 1999. $740,000 .I also began and operated a catering business in Branson Missouri that catered to all the music shows. My lazy ass.......was a major part in winning the CMA Venue of the year for The Grand Palace. My services were used by Garth Brooks, Reba McIntire, Bill Cosby, The MAdrells, Charlie Daniels, Johnny Cash, Wayne Newton, etc.........Start up for businees was 2300. Sold for $120,000. Sports card shop was a hobby that turned into me employing three men to travel to card shows. The profit over three years was $210,000. The children's resale shop I opened with a friend was a complete diseaster. I ended up giving her my half of the business after a year, but still I still made a profit of 8 grand. The bar and restaurant I built was from 2000 and I sold in 2004 for 1.2 million. So you do the math. My lazy ass ......has made a living for the past 20 years plus have over 2 million to show for my efforts.

    I owned and operated those businesses so I could have, raise, and support a large family. I set my own hours and I am proud to say I have never missed a dancing lesson, baseball game, school event, homework sessions, or first moment. My offices always had a nursery and I have never had my children left in the care of others.( Babysitters for dates with my husband , do not count.) I am blessed to be able to support my husband as a United State Marine. I was blessed to have him home most of the time. He was an important part in raising our children. When he was protecting our country I was with our children 24/7, when he was home, my lazy ass was working as much as possible.

    My lazy ass has put dinner on our table 5 nights a week for over 20 years. My lazy ass has been a Girl Scout leader for over 18 years. I am an active member of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Muscular Dystrophy Association, P.T.O., Booster Club, and Marine Military Support Unit.

    My children are active and excel in school. My children have been involved in soccer, basketball, football, volleyball, basketball, drama, wrestling, cheerleading, french club, german club, softball, scouting, dance, gymnastics, track, cross country, FFA, National Honor Society, etc.

    Our oldest is in her third year of college and then off to law school. She is one of the top ten dancers in the United States and dances all over the world in her spare time.

    Our second just completed her first year at KU in the engineering department. She is also on the Women's rowing team. Rock Chauk Jayhawk.

    So the list goes. My lazy ass.........has raised happy, health children. I have been successful and failed at business. But, I proudly support my community with my time and funds. I have never owned a credit card and I have two loans in my life. I have never owed a cent to anyone, nor have I ever needed, too.

    I beleive my life has been one of great strength,loyalty, laughter, and a yes a great deal of good sex. I deserve to have my world rocked. You only live once. I treasure every moment I have alone with my mate. He and I have made a contribution to the world in more ways than one. He defended our country and I defended our future. One day, when one, if not all of our seven children make the world a better place through their endevours......please remember their MOM and her lazy ass!!

    I would proof read this and correct spelling, but I have to go to swimming lessons now,then school end parties at two of the kids classrooms as room mom. This afternoon is full of dancing lessons, bike riding, and one has a band try-out. My evening will be spent making 300 creme puffs for a friends party tomorrow evening. Please keep in mind, My lazy ass will be cooking dinner, reading and bathing the two babies. Helping the older three get last minute touches to their school finals and if all goes well....I will be getting my lazy ass laid!!

  9. swan Says:

    Wow! Where do you get all that energy? With my two kids and full time job, some days I can barely muster enough energy for lackluster sex! Smile

  10. Jimminy Says:

    Wow, sensitive much?

    Chill out, just some teenage troll but thanks for your life story anyway.

  11. broke Says:

    Bull crap. I had sex 6 years ago and so far in the last 5 years it has cost me literally just over $61,000. It's all relative. I'm broke and she's riding high on the hog. Men, don't let this happen to you.

  12. James Says:

    wow, can you say mother of the year... or last 20 years... Smile

  13. Austin Says:

    Great job!

    You're getting mad traffic - that's awesome!

    Remember, you're arguing with star wars geeks that jerk off and really RESENT your sex life and they don't ever want to have kids because they wouldn't want anyone to go through what their uncle put them through.


  14. Beth Says:

    I hope number 9 is true. Hasn't been so far but maybe soon

  15. these guys are haters! Says:

    dont sweat these haters. it sounds like they've got nothing better to do than troll, while you are busy being the kind of mother someone should give an award to. bravo! good luck with the blog, dont let the anonymous hordes get you down.

  16. Melissa Says:

    You know, you just recognize people who don't have good sex by the way they feel bothered by those who do. All these people criticizing you just have nothing better to do...

  17. Miguel Says:

    Makes a whole lotta sense... The tricky part will be getting women to accept this idea. LOL

  18. Ian Says:

    You're not getting 'mad' traffic in the sense that people are coming here to argue (but are in the sense that it's insane). It's Fark traffic - you've been Farked. We all have nothing better to do than troll.

  19. Limewater Says:

    What the heck are you talking about?

    You are reading this woman's BLOG, but you complain that nobody wants to hear her life story?

    Then why the crap are you reading her blog in the first place?

    That's like buying Jimmy Carter's autobiography, taking it home, and then putting it down ten pages in saying, "I didn't want his whole life story!"

    Man, use your head for something other than a hatrack.

  20. Li Says:

    You're been farked!

  21. Badoozie Says:

    momandmurray - nice return serve.

  22. John Says:

    I am e-mailing this to my wife. Maybe then she will get the hit that we should have sex 2-3 times a week rather then maybe once.

  23. Anon Says:

    "6. Good sex makes you eat less. You will save thousands a year on lower food comsumption bills."

    Thousands less? Wow that's an awful lot of sex.

  24. momandmurray Says:

    Okay!!! So, I am new at this! I learned yet another valuable lesson!! I apologize for explaining myself. I should have known better than to respond to such a silly comment. Jeff "The Advisor" sent me an email explaining that this sometimes happens to blogs and I should just ignore and delete rude and "Hate" comments. SO, time, I will do just that!!

    My intent for the "Top 10" was to make people smile and hopefully see a new spin on a very old activity. I did not mean to upset anyone or to cause any problems. I justed wanted to make a few people grin.

    Having said that..........thanks for making me feel good about more people in our society whom are looking out for their financial well being. I have had over 27,000 folks view my blog. Although, I have not contributed to anyones personal savings as of yet, I feel awesome that so many people are concerned and looking for ways to save a buck or two!! If know one has told you lately, are awesome and should be commended for all your effort!!

  25. Deadplant Says:

    Too bad for those of us without a mate. (you insensitive clod) Wink Oh well. I've still got some cash, maybe I'll stop at the liquor-store on the way home.

  26. Shane Says:

    Hmm... yeah, well sex is great, but I find people who are that energetic make me more tired, especially being around them. I'm not a lazy person really, but I'm also someone that can appreciate life as it comes. I don't need to justify my existance with feats of super human accomplishments.

    If you do decide to become this person, maybe make sure your partner is of a like mind, or you might find yourself out of a relationship... but in the spirit of this article, that might save you a bundle too Smile

  27. Michael Says:

    Mommymurray...Way to go, lady! You made my day. My mother (God rest her soul) had seven kids and she was the most active woman in the world. Guys like John are assholes and I like nothing better than kicking assholes asses! It has been a looong time since I've had sex (my ex-wife kicked me to the curb) it is not that I have given up on sex (I miss the vibes) but I haven't met the right Lady yet. Thank you and you definitely made me smile and wish for the warm embrace of a good woman!

  28. Bailey Says:

    My husband sent me this link. I thought it was funny. We are on our third year of marriage and have more sex now than our first year. If we had done the marble jar our first year of marriage, I would be adding marbles right now instead of taking them away. The better you know someone, the better the sex.

  29. Lee in Texas Says:

    Hey Grammar Guy-
    Relax, man. Her site is not about grammar lessons. You can do that on your site. I know a guy who's worth tens of millions of dollars. I'd be surprised if he can spell his own name correctly. Don't sweat the small stuff.

  30. Bellybutton Says:

    Besides, Grammar Guy misspelled "It's" as "It't." I'm an English major, not an English Nazi like Grammar Guy.

    Anyway, my husband sent this to me, too. Ludicrous, but silly fun. I give you credit, Lady! You run circles around me. I'm exhausted just reading about everything you do. Good Luck!

  31. Meh Says:

    Married 15 years, still young in age.
    Last 10+ years = less than 50 intimate encounters.
    Intimate encounters thus far in 2007 = 0.

    Color me very disillusioned.

  32. Matt Says:

    Well, I'll admit about the Great Sex makes you eat less. Me an my fiancee have been having great sex and I've lost 20lbs!

    Don't know about the money though, she has a healthy shopping habit

  33. daniel Says:

    heh. good post, good comeback.

    but how come 3/4 million for the pizzas, 120k for the catering biz? seems odd.

    anyhow, keep on fu ... trucking.

  34. eliezer Says:

    I don't think the comment re: the immature posters being sexually frustrated is really accurate. The farker genus is not exactly like that. While I am sure some of them meet that description, most of them are simply of the decadent new, urbane comfort-loving lifestyle. These people believe that having seven children is disgusting, irresponsible, and socially reprehensible, which makes sense based on their value system. They refer to people like momandmurray as "breeders," usually with utter contempt. They believe that intelligent people 'take themselves out of the genepool,' by getting vasectomies, or tied tubes, using birth control or abortion. This is a justification of a comfort-loving lifestyle that holds the pleasuring of the ego above all other pursuits.

    I am the seventh of nine children. My parents are pretty far from being experts on 'personal finance,' and we're all OK, and they have enough money. It's not about money; that's just an excuse for this people. It's about an unwillingness to make sacrifices.

  35. anonymous Says:

    since when does sex equal marriage?

  36. OneHappyFarker Says:

    Ok, let me begin with congratulations! You have lived an inspiring life thus far and are surely not done yet. I'm sure your children will do you and your husband proud, as well as being a pillar of their communities.
    I'm a BIG fan of your list for several reasons, but chiefly because....well...I'm a guy!! Oh, and I like sex, thank you very much.
    As to Farkers and our ilk, well, I'm not really sure if urbane applies as a descriptor, though it might to some. We generally like things that are catchy, fun, quirky, odd, weird, examples of people doing dumb stuff, examples of people doing cool stuff, examples of people doing amazing stuff, examples of people beating examples to death...
    ANYWAY...I'm a father of two, a busy guy with two jobs (down from three) and yes, we do have sex. Frequently. I swear! (though, being a guy as I may have mentioned, I'm always looking for more!) So, I'll happily refute the claim that Farkers don't want kids, don't approve of large families, etc. My wife is one of 7, my Dad one of 3, I'm one of two (holding up the small-family end of the spectrum) and my mom is one of nine. So, if you can support your large, loving family...then DO IT!!! And, clearly, you are. With more than a little success.
    So, ignore the haters, thank the supporters and keep on blogging.
    Oh, and about the grammar and spell-check...well, it might be a good idea. But the best thing is to find your own voice, and write authentically. Write what you feel, what you want to say.
    and dont worry about the punctuation e e cummings didnt think it was too important Wink

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